FURTHERANCE in Asia-pasific regionアジア・太平洋地域助成


In the Asia-Pacific region, weather like Super Typhoon Yolanda that hit the Philippines in November 2013 causes the loss of many lives and damages to property every year. There is room to improve to development of aspects in this region like undeveloped weather sensory and prediction infrastructure, a network that can send disaster prevention information, and also human resources with the expertise to operate these systems; and there is also room to mitigate weather disasters by improving weather culture.
Here, this foundation runs the business of collection applications from and assisting each country in the Asia-Pacific region for the goal for the realization of, Upgrades to Weather Sensory Infrastructure, Improvement of Forecasting Techniques, and Training Related to Weather Sensory Infrastructure and Forecasting Techniques.

Results of 2021 furtherance

The Asia-Pacific Furtherance 2021 towards the next supported it.

・Dr. C Krishna Mohan [INDIA]
Study of Deep Learning algorithms for adverse weather conditions (悪天候のための深層学習アルゴリズムの研究)

・Toshiyasu NAGAO
Geomagnetic monitoring for predicting volcanic eruption at Mt. Fuji (富士山の火山噴火を予測するための地磁気モニタリング)

・Masashi KAMOGAWA [All of Asia-pacific]
Development of Electric field and plasma probes mounted on 6U Cube Sat for observing atmospheric and space electricity for the earthquake prediction (地震予知のための大気および宇宙電気を観測するための6Uキューブサットに搭載された電場およびプラズマプローブの開発)  

・Yuichi Ono [Bangladesh]
Research to develop a strategy to reduce wind-related disaster risks caused by severe local storms in Bangladesh (バングラデシュの激しい局地的な暴風雨によって引き起こされる風関連の災害リスクを減らすための戦略を開発するための研究)  

Results of 2020 furtherance

Results of 2019 furtherance

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Results of 2018 furtherance

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Results of 2017 furtherance

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Results of 2016 furtherance

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